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UAI’s technology is based on elements (genetics, fertilisers and other materials) generally available and approved for use in Ukraine. The aim is to ensure a balance between the capital involved (and therefore the risk involved) and maximising yields, with a minimal cost of production per tonne of produce.


Combinations of traditional and minimal tillage techniques are used to optimise crop yields, while maintaining soil fertility and minimising erosion. No-till technology is employed, however, in certain circumstances: wheat crops are established following winter oilseed rape and soybeans without any tillage of the soil.


Fertilisers are either applied broadly over the whole field using spreaders, or with planting equipment (most of the Group’s rowcrop planters are equipped for this). Minor nutrients are usually applied in a solution with crop protection chemicals.


UAI is continually evaluating and adopting new elements of technology to improve efficiency and control. All UAI’s fields have been mapped by in-house staff using GPS. The GPS maps are used by farm management and technologists, central management and security.


Farm production technology is under continual development too – new crop varieties, plant protection chemicals and fertilisers, as well as tillage, planting and application equipment, are tested and evaluated – often in commercial-scale demonstrations on UAI’s farms.